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Getting Started
1. Introduction
2. Switching to GNU/Linux
3. Getting openSUSE
4. Installation
The Fundamentals
5. KDE Workspace
6. Apps for Common Tasks
7. Security and Root
8. Terminal
9. Admin. Settings (YaST)
10. Installing Software
11. Software Repositories
12. MS Windows Interop
13. Multimedia Codecs
14. Browser Plugins
15. Graphics Drivers
16. Wifi
A: Help and Docs
B: Games
C. Under the Hood
D. History and Background
E: Getting Involved
GNU Free Documentation License
6. Apps for Common Tasks
Here's a list of applications used to perform common tasks, they're all installed by default and are all high quality, but naturally you can replace them with alternatives if you wish.

tip All the alternatives mentioned below will be available for easy installation with the package manager, if the recommended software repositories are added (see later chapters).

You can find more replacements for your familiar applications here:

6.1 Surf the Web with Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is the default web browser. It's one of the world's leading web browsers.


Alternatives to consider: Rekonq, Opera, Chromium, Konqueror

6.2 Office Productivity with LibreOffice
LibreOffice is a complete office suite with word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, drawing and more. It's very compatible with Microsoft Office.


Alternatives to consider: Calligra, Abiword, Gnumeric

6.3 Listen to Music with Amarok
Amarok is a feature rich music player that handles your music, podcasts, portable music player or iPod etc. Read about codec installation in a later chapter.


Alternatives to consider: Clementine, JuK, Qmmp

6.4 Watch Video with Dragon Player
Dragon Player plays videos and DVDs. Read about codec installation in a later chapter.


Alternatives to consider: VLC, SMPlayer, mpv

6.5 Image Editing with GIMP
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a very powerful image editing application.


tip GIMP can work as a single window, simply click 'Windows' in the menu and check the option 'Single-Window Mode'.

Alternatives to consider: Gwenview (only very basic editing)

6.6 E-mail, Calendar, News feeds and more with Kontact
Kontact is a fullblown PIM (personal information management) suite, combining e-mail, calendar, news feeds, addressbook and more in one place. Each of the Kontact components (KMail, KOrganizer, Akregator etc.) can also be used as standalone applications.


Alternatives to consider: Mozilla Thunderbird

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